My moods are playing on the swing set again

Bipolar disorder II now becomes BD I with rapid cycling “mixed episodes”. Moods change variably throughout the day and one day all moods, feelings, emotions come together to have a party in your brain without your consent and you have a meltdown…. Plan A… increase Seroquel XR 400mg to XR 600mg. If this does not work Plan B is to add an additional 100mg dose of lamictal in the afternoon, increasing my lamictal from 300mg to 400mg…. OR Place C…. If all else fails we will try and new antidepressant.


I must apologize to all of those whom I have found beautiful works on your blogs that I had wished to share with others. On my blog it gives full credit and states where the post originated. I never intend to steal your works as I hope the same for mine. I think there has been a partial design flaw when the reblogging was instituted. There should be an option for your blog to allow a reblog.  Maybe there is a feature as such and is not widely known. I am not very familiar with the mainframe of this particular site. 

I again apologize for any misunderstanding of the reblog button. I personally will no longer reblog any other work unless expressed to otherwise. Hopefully there will be a better way to share each other’s works without a “reblog” option that gives the blogger more control over the sharing content.

Falling off

HA's Place

a goodbye would be when I fall off the sky,

into the arms of genteel earth, to embrace

the two tomorrows, of existing no more,

putrefy my furtive flesh, black bones into

the granular sand, returning to the birth,

that watered the roots of the world tree,

of which I came out to be a red raw fruit,

sheathed by the leaves, that shielded it

from sly storms, but every cold seeps in,

to their unaware natures, applying layers

of first frost, ingraining icicles within, and

as this youngling falls off before maturation,

the seeds do not burst, when it splits open

into a chamber of plain platitude of emptiness


Image source

For dVerse Poetics, where the prompt is to write about trees.

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Precious Words from Writers


Writing on the Pages of Life

“You’re a writer. And that’s something better than being a millionaire. Because it’s something holy.”
-Harlan Ellison

“There are significant moments in everyone’s day that can make good literature. That’s what you write about.”
-Raymond Carver

“You just have to sit down and write. I never saw myself as a literary figure. The phrase, “writer’s block” would sound a little pretentious in my mouth.”
-Red Smith

“If you write a hundred short stories and they’re all bad, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You fail only if you stop writing.”
Ray Bradbury

“When I sit down on my writing desk, time seems to vanish. I think it’s a wonderful way to spend one’s life.”
-Erica Jong

“Watch children at play. They are terribly serious. The same is true with writing: you get caught up in the rhythm. That’s when it really gets to be complete play.”
-Madeleine L’engle

Writing is an art


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Life Lately in Photos — Signs of the Season

Tulle and Trinkets

Christmas Tree

Shimmering lights.

Greenfield Indiana Christmas Decorations

Dressed up downtown.

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree.

Hermes the Cat with Christmas Tree

Hermes won’t leave the tree alone…

Nikki the Cat with Christmas Tree

…Nikki couldn’t care less.

Bird Feeder in Wintertime Snow

Lots of “customers” at our bird feeder.

Camera Christmas Ornament

An appropriate ornament for Chris and me.

Sock Monkey Christmas Ornaments

Our sock monkey ornaments — a gift from my aunt!

Antique Santa Ornament

Antique Santa ornament on my grandma’s tree.

Hot Chocolate Bar

CrockPot hot chocolate…

Hot Chocolate Bar

….with all of the fixings.

Great Grandma with Great Grandson

Visiting with precious family…
(My grandma with my cousin’s baby, her great-grandson)


…And capturing sweet moments.
(Chris holding the baby 🙂 )

Two Turtle Doves Decoratons

Two turtle doves.

I cannot believe this is my final Life Lately in Photos before Christmas. I’m excited about the holiday, but can time slow down a little bit, please?

Tomorrow my best friend Karin is coming over for a marathon Christmas cookie baking day! We’re going to make all our favorite cookies with Christmas music and movies on in the background. Then it’s time for me to prepare for lots…

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Eleventh Stack

I recently read Donna Tartt’s most recent novel, The Goldfinch, which I absolutely loved.  Reviews had referred to The Goldfinch as “Dickensian,” and I enjoyed it so much that it led me to read my first Dickens novel.  My father has urged me to read Dickens for years; one of his favorite authors, he just has never been able to believe that I didn’t have any interest in the author.  Now that I’ve finally crossed that bridge and read my first Dickens novel, I have to admit that my dad was right, and Charles Dickens is right up my alley.  I just finished Great Expectations, and thought I’d share a few of my thoughts:

  1. I had an idea that reading Dickens would be time-consuming, and I just don’t have a lot of time.  That turned out to not be the case at all.  Because Great Expectations was originally

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